Big Picture View on TEI and Character Encoding

I just assembled this on my Digital Mitford blog for our project team, but perhaps it’s of broader interest for those of us who “geek out” over the materiality of text…and code.

Digital Mitford

**reissued with corrections on pre-defined characters in XML**

These resources will help to think about the “big picture” of what XML and TEI coding are for and why we use them, and I hope you will find them illuminating for our work on the Mitford project. Understanding why we’re coding as we are will really help us to explain our methodologies for the Digital Mitford in our various scholarly and even non-scholarly contexts.

1. from the TEI By Example project:  This is a series of tutorials, some of which we may go over together in our workshop. Their Introduction to Text Encoding and the TEI is pithy and educational, explaining the concepts of markup and meta-language in practical contexts. (And it’s not very long, either!)

2.  Unicode standard, fonts, and special characters in the TEI:

See the TEI P5 chapter on Languages and Character Sets: There’s a lot of…

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Elisa Beshero-Bondar

(until June 30, 2020): Director of the Center for the Digital Text and Associate Professor of English at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. (starting July 1, 2020): Director of the DIGIT program and Professor of Digital Humanities at Penn State University, the Behrend campus in Erie, PA.

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