Digital Archives and Pacific Cultures: Massive Update and Overhaul!

Digital Archives and Pacific Cultures: Massive Update and Overhaul!

I’ve spent much of yesterday and today massively overhauling our Digital Archives and Pacific Cultures site–to make room for new material coming in as we’re working with our students on projects this term! Much excitement and exhaustion…This was an overhaul addressing lots of little problems and infelicities from our initial construction of the site last spring. 

Tomorrow I’m gearing up for a major online hangout with our Digital Mitford team to demonstrate how to use schemas for our project, and coordinate our efforts in context coding and versioning. The big problem I’m having is when to find time to sleep and grade papers! I’m in the middle of a heavy teaching semester and shunting time and space to code! 


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Elisa Beshero-Bondar

(until June 30, 2020): Director of the Center for the Digital Text and Associate Professor of English at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg. (starting July 1, 2020): Director of the DIGIT program and Professor of Digital Humanities at Penn State University, the Behrend campus in Erie, PA.

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