Updated Codebook and Workflow for the Digital Mitford Project

Lots of Digital Romanticist activity today: new methods now in place for the Digital Mitford project.

Digital Mitford

We’ve updated our workflow for editing the Digital Mitford project, as we discussed in our coding hangout today in Google+.  For those of you who could not attend, or those who had wonky network connections, or for anyone who needs to review what we discussed today, I’ve posted all the new information and instructions in our Codebook on Google Docs.
What’s new in a nutshell:
1. We now have a schema system to help guide your context coding, and help eliminate duplicate entries and errors. We’ve developed this from our ever-growing site index file (which holds our canonical list of named entities and xml:ids: people, fictional characters, places, books and publications, etc.) . Project editors will now download the current schema and associate it with their XML files to guide the selection of references to defined id values. We’ll also be removing that schema when coding in new entities to…

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