Day of DH 2014, and Pennsylvania Digital Humanists–Forming a Network?


There is a new Keystone DH Group forming on the Day of DH 2014 site, initially organized by Chris Long at Penn State University and Diane Jackaci at Bucknell University. It’s an effort to organize DH people from the state of PA together, and it could be good for interested Pennsylvanians to help build this and promote it. (Who knows–we could find ourselves pooling resources to organize a “PADH” conference or some such madness!) 
The group is organizing through Day of DH 2014, coming up next Tues. April 8. I’ve just signed up to participate in Day of DH and to join the Keystone DH group there (on the group pages). If you’re here with me in the state of PA, and you work on digital humanities projects you may want to sign up, too! 
Keystone DH Google Plus Community Page: :
The Keystone Group seems to be just now forming–not many members yet: I know there are many more of us DH-istas here in PA, and it would be great to see us all form a supportive network!